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3 Keys to Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy body weight has become more difficult in our modern society because of lifestyle changes, dietary options, and dietary choices.  Barring a specific medical condition, a weight problem is usually a combination of 1) A nutrition problem (not meeting the body’s daily needs), 2) A caloric intake problem (consuming too many calories), and 3) An inactivity problem.

1. Nutritional Intake

A weight problem is foundationally a nutrition problem. The vast majority of people are depriving their bodies of the important nutrients needed daily for proper health and weight. Studies have shown that it is very difficult to meet minimum nutritional needs without consuming excessive calories. As a result, some give up and “throw the baby out with the bath water,” so to speak. During the challenge, you’ll learn about some simple and effective solutions that do not “cramp” your life but rather enhance it. When your body gets the daily nutrition it needs to be healthy, much of the battle to losing weight is won.

2. Calorie Intake

At first glance this area seems like a simple mathematical equation: “Consume fewer calories than your body burns each day to lose weight.” And in many ways it is that simple. But many common attempts to reduce caloric intake ultimately throw the other critical key areas out of balance. Too often nutrition gets cut as calories get cut. This is one reason why so many diet attempts end in frustration and failure. By taking all three key areas into consideration, you can learn how to achieve balance in this key area without ruining your chances for enjoying foods and without having to throw away your social life. Over the course of the weight loss challenge, you’ll learn of ways to break free from the bondage of deprivation and yo-yo dieting. And you’ll learn powerful steps to take toward achieving a lifestyle of good health, enjoyable eating, and control over your body weight.

3. Activity Level

We all know that physical activity contributes to a healthy life. Not only does it cause our bodies to burn more calories, (and ultimately burn fat), but it contributes to healthier muscles, bones, organs, heart, brain and more. It’s just plain good for us. But fitting exercise into our daily routines is difficult and unattractive to many, especially in today’s society. The good news is that you can learn to adopt some benefits of this key area even if you can’t take the time to go to the gym every day. Of course an exercise routine is very beneficial. But if it is not realistic for you, during the weight loss challenge, you’ll still learn ways to make headway in this key area that may readily integrate into your current lifestyle.

Achieving Balance

These three key areas, when kept in balance or when brought back into balance, contribute to the achievement of and the maintenance of ideal body weight and health.  However, if one or more of these key areas are out of balance, the body may put on excess weight and the risks for chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes increase.  When the goal is to safely lose weight and achieve optimal health, it simply becomes a matter of adjusting the three key areas into proper balance, and then to maintain that balance ideally for life.  Even making small, simple changes in just one or two of these key areas can have a life‐ changing effect. Our approach is to teach you how to identify which key areas are out of balance and to work together with you in making simple lifestyle adjustments that will effectively bring these three key areas of your life into proper balance.  Let's look at the process we take you along to teach you how to achieve greater balance in these key areas.

1. Analysis

The first step is to know specifically what areas in your life are out of balance. In this step you’ll answer a series of questions and we’ll make some calculations to gather valuable data about you, your body, and your lifestyle. This helps us to analyze and determine important adjustments that you ca n make to begin losing weight. We’ll determine and analyze:

  • Your body composition
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Body Mass Index
  • Personal protein needs
  • Health and weight trends with future projections
  • Important lifestyle factors

You’ll receive a written profile with easy-to-understand ratings and a summary of your current status in each of the three key areas. This reveals the indicators that help to identify the current state of your body as well as your own lifestyle factors that are affecting your weight.

2. Determine Your "Magic Numbers"

Next we’ll identify the imbalances that you are currently faced with. These imbalances, which form the root of your challenges in reaching your ideal body weight, can always be discovered and pin-pointed so that you can clearly determine corrective action. This corrective action is laid out in what we call your “Magic Numbers”. Once you know your magic numbers you can learn exactly what to adjust and you cannot fail if you make these adjustments. In other words, your magic numbers are the key that unlocks the door to your personal weight loss solution.

3. Identify Solutions

After identifying your imbalances and your magic numbers, you now need to determine a plan that you can use to make the needed adjustments. In this step you’ll be presented with specific information on how you can immediately begin changing your weight trend. You’ll receive practical information and “how-to’s” that you can utilize. We do offer personalized weight loss programs for purchase that offer powerful and unique benefits in simplifying the entire weight loss process as an option for yo u. However, you are under no obligation to purchase our program, and even if you do not, the “how-to’s” that you’ll receive are helpful. The important thing is for you to make the commitment to balancing your three keys.

4. Support Program

During the weight loss challenge you will receive in ‐ depth support and training on the different areas that we are all faced with in achieving our goals. Each week’s meeting has a specific topic for training and discussion in a comfortable group setting. Weekly printouts are provided for your reference and additional information is provided to all challengers on the internet support center for those who want to learn more about any subject offered. One-on-one support from a weight loss coach is provided at different times throughout the challenge and is ongoing after the challenge for those who use our weight loss program. Of course the friendly accountability and competition for the cash prizes adds an element of fun and empowerment as the group works together toward a life-changing outcome.